Group Classes

We Make Fitness Personal

We offer an array of classes where you will be challenged no matter your fitness level. They are fun, motivating and result driven.

What to Expect

  • Lose up to 8 pounds in 4 weeks, get toned up and feel your best without having to go to another crowded gym.
  • Never go on an unrealistic diet again! Get educated on why healthy food choices work
  • Get fit while having fun, melt away unwanted body fat while toning up
  • All fitness levels welcomed. Whether you’re experienced or not, we’ll make it challenging.

Boot Camps

Boot camps are generally for people with experience and who already have good stamina and endurance. The main idea of boot camp is to challenge yourself through every aspect of training both physically and mentally and to push your body and mind. These workouts are more challenging than small group classes and are designed for people looking for something more than their usual workout routine. Class sizes range from 5-12 people.

Cross Country Ski Club

Let’s face it, winter can be pretty dull! Get active by joining our ski club! Explore the beauty of local trails while getting in a great workout. No skis? We have you covered! Bring your friends and family and make this unique experience a part of your winter workout routine.

Cardio Kick Boxing

Focuses on the fundamentals of karate and boxing while elevating your heart rate in a fast paced, energetic workout

Bend Don’t Break

Class with the description: “This unique class focuses on effectively increasing mobility and strength, increasing range of motion, improving flexibility, and learning breathing techniques, all in a small group setting.

TRX and Kettlebell

Increase your fitness levels with TRX bands and kettlebells as the focal point. Check out this fast-paced, high-intensity class as you’ll quickly come to realize these two pieces of equipment in combination make for a fantastic workout!

Strength and conditioning

Strength and Conditioning incorporates weight training and powerlifting to strengthen the body. This class focuses on increasing mobility, endurance, stability, and performance while building a strong and confident mindset.



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